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To access the online help for the configuration and management of your club, you only have to access the "Help" section logged in to Setteo through your club profile. You will have direct access to the content for club management.

1. Connect to

2. Click on Login


3. Click on “Forgot your password?”


4. Enter your email (should be the email used for the creation of your account) and click on “Retrieve”


5. Check your mailbox and open the Setteo message that has just been sent.  Then click on the confirmation button. You will be automatically connected to your Setteo account. 

There are two ways to go to "Edit my profile".

1- Click on   "My Profile". Then click on "Edit my profile" situated in the vertical menu located on the lower right side. 

2- From any page in Setteo, click on the top right three (3) bars. The drop down menu will show the "Edit my profile" option.

 There you can edit your personal data, pictures, sports (very important to select the level of each sport to participate in some tournaments), change the password, edit notifications, etc.


1- Use the search bar and type their names

2- Click on their profile and request friendship


1- Click on the drop-down menu at the top right, next to your name (3 bars or 3 dots on the APP)

2- Select "Invite friends"

3- Enter email addresses of friends (up to 10 emails) and right a customized message (Your message will be inserted in the general invitation message). You can also invite your friends from Facebook or your Gmail contacts clicking on the appropriate link.  In this case you cannot customize the message. Only the general message will be sent.

4- Choose the language in which you want to send the message and click on "Send"

You can communicate and get social with your friends and followers on Setteo through the usual social network features:


Click the "Messages" icon located on the top right of the screen, and once on the screen, click on "Create New" to send a new private message to any Setteo member:

You can also go to your friend profile and click on “Send message” on the right side menu:


From the home page or profile can make a post on your wall, which also can upload photos, videos, surveys, etc.
If you type "@" you can quote your friends Setteo, and if you type "#" you can enter the hashtags you want.

You can share all your activities on your social networks in a very simple way.
When you post a message on your wall you can select if you want to share your posts on the other RRSS by clicking the "Share" button and selecting if you want to appear on Facebook, Twitter and / or Google+.


Group can be very useful to communicate with several users at the same time. When creating a match you can invite in one go all the friends from your group also. Groups can be set up as private and you can control the membership.

Access to the groups by clicking on the Group tag in the main menu. The Group tag is hidden and you must pass the mouse over "More" first to display the Group tag.

For creating a group or joining a group just click on the group icon and follow the instructions and follow the instructions. It is very intuitive.


Blogs are very useful when you want to share more than just a simple post. It allows you to format the information the way you want. It could be used for news letter. You can share the article with your audience via email, whatsapp, Facebook etc...

1- Activate your blog:
Go to "Edit my profile" and then activate the "News  & Articles" option

2- Create an article:
Go to "My profile" click on the tag "News & Articles" and follow the instructions

Once published the article generates an automatic post on your wall.
You can easily share your article on your other favourite social networks or copy and paste the link to any other communication channel you are using i.e. email...
On the APP you can easily share the article with Whatsapp friends. The Whatsapp share button will generate a beautiful Whatsapp message with a picture illustrating the article.

Finding an opponent for your matches is easy. Click on "Match". Once here you have two options:

a) Joining a match that another user has already created just clicking in “Join the match”. If you want to see the level click on the match, click on the name of the player and once in his profile click on "Information".

b) Create a match and invite:

a. One of your friends by clicking on "Invite Friends". You can also invite your group of friends by clicking on "Invite group."

b. Invite a player who is near your location. To do this you must click on "Invite players in the area." So you can select as many players as you require to play your game and click "OK".

You can also book one or more slots for some friends if you want to play with them and do not want someone else to take their place.

To create a game you must click on “Match” in the horizontal menu at the top of the screen. Once there you’ll click on "Create match" and then you must choose the sport you practice, if it's singles or doubles, date and time, and the Club where you want to play. If you click on "More details" you can edit the schedule registration, the privacy of the game, if players can get results, the level of the party, etc. When you get ready you must click on "Create". Once the match is created Setteo will give you the option to book a court (very advisable thing if you do not want to take it away and you can not play the game eventually), so if you want to book a court you must click on "Find a booking", there you’lI find clubs with available couts with its prices displayed for each court, etc.

Wether if the court is booked or not, you can access the match page, where you can share this game to Facebook, Twitter or Google+ and edit many options in the left vertical menu.

The results of your matches, whether free ones or in tournaments, will be saved automatically once the results are approved by you and the opposing player.

To see all your results you must go to "My Profile" and then click on "Results". On this page you can filter your results by sport and year. When you enter the profile of one of your opponents you will see the result of your matches against each other.

If you want to book a court to play with friends, or with another player who you still do not know, you must click on "Book a court" in the top horizontal menu. First you must choose the club where you want to play, it can be one of the clubs to which you belong, or any other club that interests you either by location or any other reason.

If your club is not in Setteo you can inform them to open their profile here, Setteo is free in its basic version. Or if you want, give us the details of your club and we will contact them.

When you have chosen the club you must choose the court  and the time (the club must be Premium to enjoy these features). Once you choose the court you can search for mates to play with or you can create a new match in Setteo, so this will be published in your profile. Once you have clicked "Bookon the chosen  court  you will only have to choose the method of payment to confirm your booking.

To find a tournament, you should go to "Tournaments" in the horizontal menu at the top of the screen. Once there you will see all available tournaments in Setteo. Once you select a tournament you’ll go to its home page. If the sport profile characteristics match(type of sport and level, gender, etc.) you can participate in the tournament, so in the vertical menu on the left side of the screen  you’ll have the option to subscribe by clicking on "Sign in". Important: For some tournaments it is required to be federated. If it is a doubles tournament and you have to play with asecond person you can make a request in “Search partner”. Once registered you will receive a notification and during the tournament, you will be receiving information by notifications via App and mail.

From Setteo you can book your next lesson / clinic from your coach Setteo profile or from the club page.

If you are a member of a training group you will be notified in real time each time a clinic is created and you can choose to join or not.


Go to your favourite club page on Setteo using the search bar for example. Then click on its "Clinics" tag. 

From there you have access to the list of clinics and lessons. You can also choose to display the clinic calendar.

Click on the training group of your choice. 

From there you can have access to the wall of the group. If you are part of this training group you will receive real time notification each time something is posted or a new clinic is created.

Check the availability of the clinics and book your next lesson following the steps as described below:

1- Click on "Register" on the clinic you want to book

2- Click on "Book" to confirm the booking

3- Choose your favourite payment method

4- Check your booking confirmation
(Your booking confirmation is available anytime. Click on "My profile" from the main menu and then choose the "My bookings" tag


Go to your favourite coach page on Setteo using the search bar for example. Then click on its "Pro profile" tag. 

From there you have access to her/his next clinics and lessons.

You can check if there is a spot for you and register and pay online. 

Once you click on "Register", follow the steps as described above in "Booking from the club page"

Setteo is more than a social network for players. It is also a powerful management and communication tool for your club or racket corporation. The Setteo page can easily replace a web site.  Benefit from all the specific Setteo corporate features creating your corporate page in just 5mn...


1- Click on the top right three bars button

2- Select "Create page" from the drop-down menu

3- Choose the type of page you want to create, fill in the registration form and follow the instructions...


1- Click on the "Sign up as a club" button

3- Choose the type of page you want to create, fill in the registration form and follow the instructions...

Competition management is organised from the front office. Go to "Competitions" from the top menu. Once on the "Competition" page click on "Create competition". A window will open, there we must choose the sport, the competition format: league, tournament with group qualifying or tournament (Setteo supports as many qualifying draws as needed). You must also choose whether it will be single/doubles or a team competition. Then click on ”Save”.

At this point a new window with the general information will open. You must fill in with as many details as possible. You must also fill in the information about the first category… If you have more than one category you will have to add category after you saved the first one…

To add category, just click on “Manage Category” on the left side menu and follow the indications.

To invite players who are already registered to Setteo, you can click on  “Invite players” on the left side menu. To invite players that are not registered in Setteo just copy and send the URL of the tournament home page by email. You can also choose to share the tournament home page on your favourite social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Google+. Just click on the social network logo on your choice from the tournament home page. 

Note: When players register they will create a Setteo account at the same time. They don’t need to register in first instance…

You can see the registrations in “Registrations” 

For creating the draws, you must go to the horizontal tournament menu and click on “Groups” if it is a league or a Round Robin or on “Draws” if it is a traditional tournament wth no group phase… From there you can add players, assign seeds, WC, LL etc… You can choose to generate the draws automatically or do it manually. If you go for manual setup, you can always fill in the groups/draws randomly at any time…

Once the draws and groups created you can add the schedules of each game and court assigned manually. You can also give the rights to edit the scores live to referees, players, or any Setteo users of your choice.

Setteo allows you not only to create an event but also to manage ticketing and online payment.


1- From the home page click on the "Events" tag of the main menu

2- Click on "Create event"

3- Fill in the requested information


  • Attach doc (pdf) es para añadir un documento pdf para completar la información si es necesario.
  • Type of event: 3 options: Social, Educational or Campus. Choose the option that better describe the event you intend to create.
  • For ideal disply, the picture of the event must be 720 x 288 pixels.
  • If you choose the ticket management option then you must also precise if it is compulsory or not to have tickets to get at the event and also the max. number of tickets per user available.

4- Accept the terms of use and click on "Publish the event"


1- Invitations

Click on the "Invite attendees" button on the left bar menu

From there you can either invite friends from Setteo or send invitation to an email list.

If you choose invite by email you will need to prepare an Excel file. You must first download the template clicking on "Template" and then import it choosing the file in your computer.

From the left bar menu you can keep managing your guest list :

        • "Manage attendees" :  Check who has confirmed attendance and cancel participation if needed
        • "Guest list": Check who you have invited and cancel invitation if needed
        • "Message to the guests": Send massive email messaging to the guests: you can choose whether you want to send a message to the confirmed guest only or the guests who might attend only or both.

        Remember you can also use the wall of the event to share information with attendees and communicate. They are notified in real time (App notification + email) when the organizer of the event posts on the event wall.

        In case you chose to manage the ticketing on Setteo you have access to more options. Please refer to the "TICKETING MANAGEMENT" section of this tutorial.

        2- Event settings

        At any time you can change the event parameters. Just click on the "Edit event" button on the left bar menu and change the parameters accordingly.


        1- Activate the event ticketing management

        Go to "Edit event" clicking on the left bar menu window (See right above), and choose the "Manage ticket" option.

        When choosing "Yes" for "Ticket management"two new dialog box appear:

        • "You must have your tickets": This is to force people to buy tickets to attend the event. In other words only attendees with tickets will be able to attend the event
        • "Max. tickets per user": This is the maximum number of tickets a user can buy. This avoids one single attendee to buy all the tickets available. Leave blank in case you don't want to set up any limitation...

        Click on "Save" to save the changes. 

        Go to "Manage tickets" from the left bar menu

        From there you can edit the different tickets you want to sell for the event

        • Fill in the first ticket category with the name and price and also the maximum number of tickets available in this category.
        • To add more ticket category, click on "Add category"
        • You can export to .xls the list of users who bought tickets together with the total amount paid etc. Just click on "Export"
        • The filter "All tickets" allows you to see  only checked tickets, or ticket that haven't yet be checked or all tickets.  A ticket is "checked" once it has been verified at the entrance of the event.
        Note: Once a user buys a ticket the ticket is automatically stored in its "My documents" folder. The user will have to click on "See ticket" to see and download or print the ticket. Refer to the tutorial about how to buy an event ticket if you need further information.

        3- Control of access (Only from the Setteo App)

        You can use Setteo App to control the access to the event and easily check the ticket of the guest. It is very easy. Just go to the event page and click on "Options" to open the drop-down menu

        Then click on "Manage tickets".

        From the use "QR code Scan" to scan the QR codes on the tickets of the guests. It will check them in the list.

        For faster login to Setteo, you can use your Facebook account. Click on the 3 bars (dots for the APP) top right and select "Facebook login" in the drop down menu. Then simply link your account entering your Facebook login details.

        21,14 ms