Official page of the International Padel Federation

International Tournaments are those included in the official IPF calendar.
Tournamentswill be governed by the technical regulations of the country where the tournaments are held, provided that the minimum requirements listed below are respected:
• Prize money in function of the Tournament Category.
• Main draw:
- Minimum 16 male’s doubles pairs up to a maximum of 32 pairs.
- Minimum 12 women’s doubles pairs, up to a maximum 24 pairs.
If the minimum number of participants is not reached, the tournament is not valid for FIP ranking. Nevertheless, it can be celebrated by the organizer.
• Duration. As necessary but no more than two matches may be played a day, apartfrom exceptional cases.
• Arbitration. There must be an Umpire recognized by the International Padel Federation.
• Regulation. IPF specific regulations in force will apply.

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